Boiler Servicing Southampton

Welcome to Combi-Nation Heating! We are a well-established heating company based in Southampton that can repair your boiler smoothly with zero hassle. We have amassed years of experience, and expanded our services to Winchester, Eastleigh, and the surrounding areas besides Southampton. Our prices are competitive as you’ll find out when getting in touch with us to get advice from our trained engineers who are well-versed in boiler repair.

We offer superior service, all made possible with the top-quality materials and components that we use for all our work. We prioritise quality, and that’s why we’re approved and accredited by Broag and Worcester. Broag is part of Broag Remeha, which is Europe’s top heating company for domestic and commercial applications.

On top of that, our professional engineers are committed to quality by adhering to strict guidelines, and we are a members of the Business International Group in Southampton.

Professional Boiler Servicing in Southampton

Many people assume that boiler issues can be neglected or checked with a DIY approach. However, boiler servicing and regular maintenance are necessary duties that only professionals can take care of, especially for landlords or tenants. If something goes amiss with your boiler, the safety of the people and your house are at risk. Boilers need maintaining and any issues need fixing, so we highly encourage you to seek advice from our engineers who are experts in all boiler problems.

Not only will our boiler servicing keep your mind at ease when it comes to safety, but we will also guarantee no expensive boiler repairs and a component replacement in case a part fails. The damage will cause huge hassle and discomfort for residents, so make sure you don’t put it off.

Reasons to Choose Combi-Nation

Combi-Nation offers you a thorough boiler repair or servicing in Southampton and Hampshire at competitive prices, with no compromise on quality. We ensure that every expert on our team is an accredited engineer with significant experience in the field. You can rest assured that our engineers hold the necessary training and industry qualifications for an effective boiler repair or service.

Our courteous team will always be a joy to have around, as they are friendly, ensuring a relaxed experience for residents who request a boiler repair or servicing.

Benefits of Our Southampton Boiler Servicing

Not only will you have professional engineers visiting your property, but you will also get convenient benefits along the way. For instance, we’re available 365 days a year, even on Bank Holidays. That’s convenient for people who have a boiler emergency. You can call us as soon as there’s an emergency

because we prioritise boiler services for clients in your situation. More so, you won’t need to track our regular visits. We’ll remind you annually when the boiler service is due.

Still not sure you want boiler servicing in the first place? Your boiler is like a car; it needs regular visits to ensure its optimal functionality. Throughout the year, residues will build up in your boiler, reducing the overall efficiency of your boiler. This will cause higher energy costs, and as a landlord or homeowner, you’ll want to avoid this.

Regardless of its age, your boiler needs annual maintenance to guarantee safety.

What’s Included in A Boiler Servicing?

When you sign up for our boiler servicing, you are signing up for a comprehensive boiler service here in Southampton. We offer a wide range of boiler services. We can remove any deposits that have accumulated inside your boiler, carry out a thorough inspection and cleaning of your boiler, check for small leaks inside your boiler, test for poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, and even check for suitable pressure standards. All these services and more are accessible to you here in Southampton.

Why Should I Service My Boiler?

Boiler service in Southampton is a necessity for two reasons. First, your life and everyone at home will be at risk if any problem occurs with the boiler. And if there are signs your boiler might be damaged, you must get it fixed or even replace it completely as soon as possible.

The second reason is that you are the most reliant on your boiler at home. You won’t have any hot water, and your whole heating system will stop working if anything happens to your boiler. And of course, we all require hot water and heating in our everyday lives.

How Often Should A Boiler Be Serviced?

Your boiler should be checked at least once a year to make sure it is working safely. Many issues will occur if you don’t have your boiler serviced, including reduced boiler performance, expensive energy bills, and breakdowns.

How Much Does It Cost to Have A Boiler Serviced?

When it comes to boiler servicing in Southampton, there are a variety of types of boilers, making every job we take on different from the other. For this reason, it is hard to set a specific price for our service.

As soon as you reach us, we will ask for specific information about the boiler you own and its condition. After that, we will be able to give you a specific price according to the details you give us.

Other Services We Provide

Before we dive deep into our other services, it is important for you to know that we provide discounts on customised packages if you need multiple services from us for boiler or fire applications. Even if you need inspections, we’re the team for the job.

Central heating is an essential system as it keeps you and your property warm and helps keep damp at bay. Combi-Nation is here to fulfil your property’s needs by supplying and installing a central heating system.

In general, central heating systems are our speciality because we believe that comfort is the ultimate goal regardless of cold or hot weather. For this reason, we supply and install brand-new central heating systems that are designed based on your property. More specifically, we provide gas fire servicing, Gas Safety Inspections for landlords and all types of commercial boiler services.

Besides heating systems, we take pride in our patented AutoStopcock service for water pipes. If your pipes are leaking or burst, we can repair them. We can also help you avoid this worst-case scenario through regular maintenance visits. This way, you can save thousands of pounds by avoiding replacements and lengthy repair sessions.

AutoStopcock’s best feature is that it offers the ultimate leak-proof experience, and we can provide you with this perk right here in Southampton. It offers a fully automatic experience where it can shut off a water supply in the case of faulty water flow, risk of freezing, or in the case of a vacant property. Also, it conserves water, is easily installed anywhere in your house, and has a full guarantee for up to ten years.

Contact Combi-Nation to Book your Boiler Servicing in Southampton

If you’re still at a crossroads and considering a boiler repair service , get in touch with us. We’ll explain everything and answer any questions you might have. If you think it’s finally time for our boiling servicing, call us and we’ll schedule visits at times that are convenient for you. Let’s discuss the available options together! You can dial 02380 775666 to reach out to us for emergencies or any general enquiries. Or, you can email and our customer service team will reply as soon as possible.

Our goal is to help you get the best from all your heating systems regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord responsible for many boilers. Keep your mind at peace with our Southampton servicing and get in touch today for a free quote. We’re happy to explain in detail anything that’s still on your mind and examine our other services to see how we can help you best.