Central Heating Installation Southampton

Is your home in need of a thermal upgrade? Would you like to save money on your heating bills? If you would, then you need to call the team at Combi-Nation today on 023 8077 5666. You will be able to speak to our experts about your requirements and we can help you choose the best option for your home and provide the best central heating installation Southampton has to offer.

Superior Southampton Central Heating Installation

When it comes to keeping a damp free, comfortable, and well-warmed home, central heating is a vital necessity. An efficient and maintained system will provide your home with all of the hot water it needs without the inordinate gas bills that other, lesser systems can leave you with.

Here at Combi-Nation, we specialise in central heating installation in Southampton which has given our clients the results they have been searching for. Our central heating installation Southampton services include:Central heating installation Southampton

All of our engineers are fully qualified and GasSafe registered, so you know your central heating installation Southampton is in the hands of the experts.

Combination Boilers

This type of boiler, also called combi boilers, have rapidly become the fastest selling type of boiler in the UK and for good reason. They represent a reliable and efficient solution to many central heating problems. The combination boiler has a long service life and has proven itself a steadfast product time and time again.

Thanks to the flexible and sturdy construction of the combi boiler, there are sizes available for any home. We are able to use a compact boiler to fit into the selected cupboard space, and if there is no room, we will build a cupboard around it once the central heating installation Southampton is complete. If you have a modern combi boiler put in using our Southampton central heating installation service, you can enjoy these benefits:

If you have had the pain of standing by the hot tap, waiting for minutes at a time for the water to come out hot, then this is definitely the option you need.

Condensing Boilers

The initial cost of a central heating installation Southampton using a condensing combination boiler can be off putting. However, the cost is offset by increased efficiency and long-term savings. If you are looking to reduce your heating bill, this will be the best option for you in the long run – some homes have reported savings of up to 33% on their heating bills.

This boiler boasts very high efficiency, for example the combination boiler “Vaillant Turbomax 828 E” is around 80% energy efficient, whereas the “Vaillant Turbomax 828 2E” is a condensing combination boiler which tops out at a whopping 91% efficient. Over time, that 11% difference will amount to considerable savings.

Why Choose Our Central Heating Installation Southampton?

Combi-Nation are the South’s leading team for central heating installation in Southampton. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best possible service and aftercare. You can expect a courteous and professional service from every member of the team, and we don’t just try to meet expectations; we always aim to exceed them.

“I felt I needed to write to you to explain how impressed I am with Combi-Nation Heating. I have used your services on two occasions recently and am extremely happy with both men that carried out the jobs for me. A couple of weeks ago I had problems with some plumbing coming from the bathroom upstairs which your team came and fixed. They were very efficient, genuine and knew their job inside and out”Mr Morris, Client

Our client list is a long one, and much of our work comes from previous happy customers recommending our Southampton central heating installation to their friends and family – we are known for high quality and superior results.

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