Power Flushing

Many central heating systems contain varying degrees of magnetite sludge; a lot of old systems contain excessive amounts of sludge. If you choose to install a new boiler in your property, and the existing system contains excessive quantities of sludge, this could affect the system and your new boiler.

To remove the sludge (magnetite sludge), at COMBI-NATION we use Power Flushing to clear and clean sludge from your central heating system.

How do I know if I need Power Flushing?

If your system shows any of the following symptoms, then both you and your central heating will benefit from our Power Flushing services: power

Our Power Flushing services are administered by qualified engineers who will use the ”Powerflush Machine” to clean out the sludge from your central heating system. There will be no mess or fuss when we flush out your central heating system and we will reconnect the system as needed. After your central heating system has been cleaned, our team will refill the heating circuit/inhibitor to protect your central heating system.