Gas Leaks Southampton

A gas leak can be incredibly dangerous, so it is important that you enlist the services of a Gas Safe registered company immediately. Thankfully, our team here at COMBI-NATION fall into this category, and we are available at any time to assist. Given the severity of a gas leak, we make sure that our qualified and skilful engineers in Southampton are ready to respond instantly. 

Being available 24 hours a day means that we are able to answer all emergency calls, and as mentioned, gas leaks need to be dealt with immediately. Whatever the time is, day or night, give us a call and we will come to your premises and resolve the issue. There are ways in which you can help to prevent a leak from occurring, of which we will explain in this article. To find out more information from our dedicated team of engineers, give us a call on 023 8077 5666

Your Local Gas Leak Detection Specialist in Southampton

For every homeowner and renter, it is important to have a reliable team of engineers on hand to help in urgent situations. Here at COMBI-NATION , we provide an array of plumbing and heating services, including dealing with gas leaks. By operating 24 hours a day, we are able to assist you in an emergency situation. 

Not only that, but if you have questions regarding the signs of a gas leak, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our engineers will be on hand to answer your queries and offer sound advice. 

The Best Gas Leaks Repair Company Southampton Has to Offer

One of the many great aspects about our company is our approach to each service. If you are experiencing a gas leak on your property, then our experts will be on your premises as quickly as possible. Our Gas Safe engineer will gather information from you to help locate the leak, and if it has been a significant one, they might turn the gas off. 

We use various testing methods depending on the situation to find the location of the leak. Once found we will be able to determine what repairs need to be done. At this point, our engineer will explain the source of the problem and what will be involved in the repair. You will also be provided with a competitive quote; then it is up to you to give us the go-ahead. 

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There are many reasons why our team at COMBI-NATION should be your first point of call, and one of those is the fact that we are Gas Safe registered. All of our engineers are qualified and certified to install and repair any form of gas appliances. We operate in an honest and transparent manner, so when we price our services, you will be informed of every cost. 

You won’t have to worry about being ambushed with hidden fees later down the line. With our competitive rates and excellent workmanship, you will struggle to find a company that betters what we can do. 

How Do I Know if I Need Gas Leak Repair Work?

There are a few signs that you need to be aware of when it comes to spotting a gas leak in your property. The main one is the smell; gas is naturally odourless, so companies add in a ‘rotten egg’ smell artificially to alert people in the property when there is a leak. If you hear a hissing sound coming from your gas appliance, then you may need to seek our assistance. 

If there are plants close to the location of the leak, then they will begin to die. All of these are signs of a gas leak, and if you notice them, you should get in touch with our team immediately. As soon as you call we will arrange for an engineer to be on your premises quickly. 

What Does Our Gas Leak Detection Service in Southampton Include?

Generally, you would have detected the leak yourself if the activities we mentioned above occur. However, you may not know the exact location of the leak; this is where we come in. Our engineer will ask you for as much information about the leak as possible before testing the area. 

What to Look Out For

As mentioned, there are signs that you should be aware of when it comes to a gas leak. As well as the common ones written above, you should also consider other indications. For example, if bubbles form in water close to the affected area, then there could be a leak. A damaged gas pipe is a clear indication of an issue, but this is not something you will be able to always notice instantly.  

In some cases, homeowners don’t even realise there is a problem until one of our engineers conducts a service on one of your gas appliances.  

What to do in the Event of a Gas Leak

If you have spotted one or more of the signs mentioned above, then there are steps you should take to limit the risk. Firstly, you should turn off the gas supply and extinguish all sources of ignition. Make sure that you open all windows and doors in order to increase ventilation in your property. It is imperative that you report the gas escape to Transco on 0800 111 999

It is also incredibly important that you do not turn on any power or electrical light switches or smoke in the vicinity. Get in touch with our team and we will dispatch one of our engineers to you as quickly as possible to repair the leak on your property. 

Gas Safety

As a company that is Gas Safe registered, we are equipped to provide you with advice and expertise in how to look after your appliances. We have vast experience in dealing with central heating breakdowns, but there are ways in which you can limit these issues from occurring. We recommend that you have your boiler serviced annually, and the best time would be during the summer months. 

It is also advisable that you fit thermostatic radiator valves in every room to help with controlling the temperature, and you should not be heating up rooms unless it’s necessary. To help make your property more energy efficient, it is best to have insulation installed in your loft. As we all know, heat rises, and in a property, it escapes through the loft and your roof. 

By having your roof insulated, you will be able to retain the heat in your property, giving you and your family a comfortable living space. Plus, by doing this, you are likely to reduce your energy bills. If you require any additional advice on energy efficiency, then don’t hesitate to contact our team of engineers. 

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing and Gas Safety Services

When it comes to a gas leak, it is imperative that you seek urgent assistance by giving our professionals a call. It could be very dangerous and potentially fatal if you do not address the issue instantly. Thankfully, we operate a 24 hour emergency call out service to tend to your needs. You can put your full trust in us to provide you with the solution you need. 

We take great pride in not only our workmanship but our reliability. It is always our aim to strike up long-term relationships with our clients so that they always use our services when required. Whatever the emergency issue is with your plumbing or central heating, we will send a Gas Safe registered engineer to fix the problem. 

As a company, we ensure that all of our engineers are of the highest standard, with each one containing the qualifications and necessary experience. Any project we take on, whether it is an urgent gas leak repair or a scheduled boiler installation, we ensure that it is completed to the highest quality. You can always rely on COMBI-NATION to provide you with the solution you need. 

Contact COMBI-NATION for Gas Leak Repairs in Southampton 

Our skilful and experienced team of Gas Safe registered engineers will come equipped with a solution to your gas leak. Having fixed leaks numerous times over the years, you can trust our team to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. As mentioned, a gas leak can be very dangerous, and sometimes fatal, so it is essential that you act quickly when you suspect one. This instance is one that requires immediate assistance, of which we here at COMBI-NATION provide.  

As part of our services, we operate 24 hours a day for emergency call outs, and when a gas leak is suspected, you can contact us to fix the problem. Regardless of the time of day, whether it is at 4am on a Monday morning or late on a Friday night, we can help. Call 023 8077 5666. For any other advice, email or fill in our online form.