Gas Safety Certificates Hampshire

Do you need a gas safety certificate for your Hampshire? Don’t take chances with your boiler and get it tested today by our team of experts. We have provided an unrivalled gas safety certificates Hampshire service for many years and will ensure your boiler is fit to operate.

Our Hampshire gas safety certificates

Like a car, the boiler in your property requires an annual service to ensure that it is operating properly. With general use, every boiler will build deposits over the year which will stop your boiler from operating properly.  We advise all of our customers in Hampshire to have their boiler serviced regularly regardless of the boiler’s age.

During the boiler testing, Combi-Nation will do the following for your boiler:

Once we have processed our thorough check of your boiler, our team will then present you with a gas safety certificate in Hampshire provided your boiler has passed the test. This is a good indicator that your boiler in your Hampshire property is fit for use in your Hampshire property. If you are letting your property our, it is important to ensure that your boiler has a Hampshire gas safety certificate otherwise there could be legal repercussions.

Why choose Combi-Nation?

Combi-Nation has provided the best gas safety certificates in Hampshire for many years and we are proud of our services. We have listed reasons below why you should choose our company:

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