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Does your heating system require upgrading? If so, call Combi-Nation today for services delivered by the most professional heating engineers in Hampshire. Whether you are installing a new system or fixing an existing one, our skilled staff can provide you with the most competitive quotes around.

Heating Engineers in HampshireOur Hampshire heating engineers services

When it comes to ensuring that your home is correctly heated it makes sense to hire a company that understands heating systems inside and out. At Combi-Nation, our qualified Hampshire heating engineers have many years of experience with providing new installations as well as repairs for our domestic and commercial customers.

Reasons why you should hire Combi-Nation

Central Heating

Any system that has been incorrectly installed will be both costly to run and ineffective at heating your home. Do not settle for second best, when you hire the best heating engineers Hampshire has seen you will receive a system setup that delivers perfect results whenever you need it most. There is nothing worse than when you want a shower, and the hot water is gone. Fortunately, our central heating systems utilise sophisticated technology to allow for super-fast reheating.

Best of all, our systems can support multiple usages of taps and showers in a household without any change in temperature. When you hire Combi-Nation’s superb heating engineers in Hampshire, we will provide you with a range of radiators that are of modern and clean designs. Also available are a fantastic selection of towel rails and column radiators.

Boiler Servicing

We use our boilers on a daily basis and over time, this can lead to wear and tear which will impact performance. For instance, a build up of deposits could dramatically reduce efficiency which could lead to higher energy bills. In the case of older boilers, they are also more prone to breaking down.

Our Hampshire heating engineers provide a boiler servicing that can keep your boiler free of deposits and fully functional with the following maintenance checks:

Power Flushing

If you are noticing issues with your heating system, it is likely being caused by a build up of magnetite sludge. This can accumulate over time and could directly impact both the system as well as your new boiler. At Combi-Nation, our heating engineers Hampshire service use power flushing to ensure that your system is clear of any sludge deposits.

If you are unsure as to whether your system requires power flushing try looking out for the following symptoms of magnetite sludge build up:

Why should you choose Combi-Nation?

At Combi-Nation, we pride ourselves on being the best provider for heating engineers in Hampshire. As a Worcester Bosch accredited installer, you can be assured of qualified engineers who will provide you with a range of heating solutions without any mess or fuss. As a Gas Safe company (229954) who has been approved by Broag, we are dedicated to offering a service free from shortcuts and sub-standard workmanship.

When you hire our company, we will install or fix your system and get everything connected back up again while ensuring that your system is protected.


Contact us on 023 8077 5666 or 07901 981090. Alternatively, drop us an e-mail at info@combi-nationheating.co.uk and book one of our heating engineers in Hampshire today with Combi-Nation.