Moving Radiators Southampton

Are you redecorating your home and would like a team of experts to help with moving radiators? Southampton residents should look no further than COMBI-NATION. We boast a team of qualified engineers who can adapt your central heating system to adhere to your propertys new layout. For more information about how we can help, give us a call on 023 8077 5666. 

First Class Southampton Radiator Installation Service 

Radiators are commonly found in residential and commercial premises as crucial parts of the propertys central heating system. They work via convection, which involves drawing water within the radiator and heating it, as well as the surrounding air. As a radiator supplier in Southampton, we have vast experience in installing and repairing such systems. 

Many homeowners assume that wherever the radiator is placed, it has to stay there indefinitely. However, moving radiators, Southampton residents, is possible. By getting in touch with our experts here at COMBI-NATION, we can arrange a suitable time to visit your property and relocate your radiator. 

Moving a radiator is just as simple as completing a Southampton radiator installation. Firstly, we will check your pipework to see if any re-routing needs to be done. If it doesn’t, we will proceed to turn off the boiler and controls. It is important that the radiator is cool before we drain the system, which is the next step in the process. 

Once drained, we will hang your radiator in its new location and cap off the old feeds before adding an inhibitor. At this point, we will be able to refill the system and then bleed the radiator. Before we go, we will test all of your radiators to make sure that everything has been hooked up correctly. As you can see, we are more than just a radiator supplier in Southampton! 

Choose Our Column Radiators 

As well as moving radiators, Southampton residents, we can also fit brand new ones. In fact, our team are experienced in supplying a range of column radiators to our customers across Hampshire. There is no better company to turn to for these systems, as we provide the following: 
Combi-nation radiator

  • Variety of Finishes 
  • Colour Options 
  • Bespoke 
  • Made-to-Order 

You can select from the Stelrad radiator, which has a smooth finish and modern look, or the classic cast iron system, which contains a textured finish. Before we complete the Southampton radiator installation, we can advise on the best type of system to suit your property. 

As a radiator supplier in Southampton, we can provide various options to our customers. As well as the systems already mentioned, our team can also install towel rails for your bathroom. Select from chrome, gold, or a white finish, whatever reflects the aesthetics of your room. 

Why We Are the Best Choice for Moving Radiators Southampton, Residents

As a reputable Gas Safe registered company, you can trust COMBI-NATION to keep your central heating system ticking along. Whether you need help with installing a new boiler or with moving radiators, Southampton residents can rely on us. Our engineers go above and beyond for our customers, ticking every box along the way. 

When it comes to moving radiators, Southampton residents, its important to get a professional in to help. Here at COMBI-NATION, we are approved Broag and Worcester credited installers, and we are also members of the Business International Group in Southampton. Rest assured that we work to a high standard on every project. 


For more information about our services and how we can help with moving radiators, Southampton residents should give us a call on 023 8077 5666. Alternatively, send an email to or fill in our contact form.