Power Flushing Hampshire

Have you noticed a reduced performance with your radiators? Does your central heating system need flushing? If so, the team at Combi-Nation are here to help with power flushing. Hampshire, by calling 023 8077 5666, you can request a visit from one of our trained heating engineers who will get your system back up to full running order in no time.

Fast and Efficient Power Flushing in Hampshire

Over time, central heating systems will accumulate Magnetite sludge. This is effectively dissolved metal which is suspended in the water of a heating system. As the name implies, it usually resembles a black-like substance that builds up, causing reduced efficiency throughout the system. The only way to clear this substance is through power flushing. Hampshire customers should, therefore, turn to Combi-Nation.

While it’s possible to flush the system by yourself, if you lack the time or knowledge to do so, our professional team are here to help you in Hampshire. Power flushing dislodges the sludge which is responsible for narrowing the opening in pipes until it eventually closes. This restricts the water flow impacting the system’s performance.

As Magnetite sludge is a by-product of corrosion, it stands to reason that the older the system, the more sludge is likely to be present. Fortunately, regardless of how much sludge is present, our team can help through the provision of effective power flushing. Hampshire customers should, therefore, be on the lookout for the signs of sludge accumulation.

The presence of sludge will have a detrimental impact on your central heating system unless you clear it out regularly through power flushing. Hampshire customers can tell whether their system needs cleaning or not by the tell-tale signs, which include:

  • Cold Spots
  • Dirty System Water
  • Expensive Bills
  • Unusual Noises in the System
  • Poor Circulation
  • System Blockages

If you’re considering installing a new boiler, be advised that the sludge deposits could affect the new boiler, giving the impression that the boiler is at fault. So, if you suspect your system needs cleaning, call Combi-Nation to arrange a visit.

Power Flushing Hampshire

How Can We Assist with Our Hampshire Power Flushing Service?

We’ll quote you for the work before proceeding, with no obligation on your part to commit to using us for power flushing in Hampshire. At Combi-Nation, we use the Powerflush Machine, which is renowned for delivering unbeatable results.

In no time, the system will be cleared of any sludge deposits. Once your heating has been restored, you’ll instantly notice the benefits of power flushing. Hampshire, when you enlist our team, you can expect no mess or fuss.

We’ll disconnect the system, flush it, and then reconnect it again. Once cleaned, our engineer will refill the heating circuit/inhibitor to protect your system from further damage. They’ll then ensure that everything is working correctly. Finally, they’ll clear away any mess before their departure. You, of course, will be supplied with a full report of the work carried out.

If you would like to request a visit from one of our trained engineers, call Combi-Nation now on 023 8077 5666.

Why Choose Us for Power Flushing Hampshire?

When it comes to plumbing and heating services, you always want to be sure you’re choosing a reputable, fully accredited company. Here at Combi-Nation, we’re a well-established business and a Gas Safe registered company offering a full range of services. Our reputation is important to us and has led to many customer referrals over the years.

From boiler servicing and bathrooms to power flushing in Hampshire, we take great pride in the quality of service that we provide. Such quality is rivalled only by our highly competitive prices, which make investing in your plumbing and heating requirements less of a sting to your bank account.

Among our accreditations is a membership with the Business International Group in Southampton. We’re also approved Broag, and Worcester credited installers for the local area. So, you can rest assured that we’re a company that won’t cut corners and will always deliver impeccable results.

Hampshire, power flushing is a vital part of maintaining your central heating system in full running order. So, make sure you don’t neglect it by calling our team on the number below.

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Inquiring about power flushing? Hampshire, the solution couldn’t be easier. For free quotes and advice from trained, knowledgeable engineers, call Combi-Nation today on 023 8077 5666.